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Research Data Management at UoC

Research data are [...] understood as data resulting from a scientific project, e. g. through source research, experiments, measurements, surveys or surveys.

DFG 2009

Research data management refers to the handling of this data (also: primary research data) over the entire data life cycle. This ranges from the collection, evaluation, (further) processing to archiving and, if necessary, publication of the same.

Sustainable research data management requires new processes and competencies in research and researchers, and affects every university. (Source: dh-nrw. de)

In order to provide scientists with comprehensive support in research data management, the Cologne Competence Center for Research Data Management (C3RDM) offers comprehensive information services.

In addition to events and individual counselling opportunities, the guideline on the handling of research data at the UoC offers some important principles on which you and your working group can orientate yourselves