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C³RDM published a new introduction to legal aspects of research data management with a focus on intellectual property rights and data protection:

Depping, Ralf ORCID: 0000-0003-2537-7229 (2021). Rechtliche Aspekte des Forschungsdatenmanagements Eine Einführung. Arbeitspapier.

Monika Linne (C³RDM), Illustration: GO FAIR

For the implementation of a professional FDM, different approaches are chosen at German universities, which are oriented towards the respective university-specific needs and organisational structures/cultures. This often involves reinventing the wheel instead of building on existing and reusable solutions. The development and the establishment of university-wide FDM structures can be made more effective and efficient if existing FDM institutions network with each other, cooperate and exchange their accumulated experience/materials. To this end, the GO UNI Implementation Network (as a national chapter of the Data Stewardship Competence Centre IN) was founded under the umbrella of the international GO FAIR initiative. An Implementation Network is a consortium committed to the FAIR principles and actively engaged in the field of FDM and Open Science.

The virtual kick-off workshop of GO UNI took place on 8 October 2020. Participants of 28 different scientific institutions took part. Since the content of GO UNI was to be defined and shaped from within the German community, an essential part of the workshop was a barcamp slot. In this slot, all participants had the opportunity to decide for themselves in which format and about which content, needs and competences they wanted to discuss. A better networking of the actors and an overview of the activities of the national and international RDM initiatives were identified as essential needs of the German RDM community. The next steps of GO UNI will be defined in a newly founded GO UNI core team and initial solutions will be developed in close cooperation with the RDM community.


Information and networking event on the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI)

With today's deadline for the submission of letters of intent, the consortia for the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) are getting shape. In order to bundle expertise on the campus and for future exchange on cross-cutting topics, the Vice Rector for Research and Innovation Prof.'in Bettina Rockenbach invited to an information and networking event. The event was initiated and organised on 28 June by the Competence Area III - Quantitative Modeling of Complex Systems (CA III), the Cologne Center for Data and Simulation Science (CDS), the Cologne Center for eHumanities (CCeH) / Data Center for the Humanities (DCH), and by the Cologne Competence Center for Research Data Management (C3RDM).
"Vision, goals and challenges of the NFDI" were vividly explained in the introductory lecture by Dr. Ania López (Landesinitiative NFDI, DH-NRW). Afterwards, the numerous representatives of NFDI initiatives of the University of Cologne took the opportunity to present their respective projects and their role within the consortia. The presentations and a round of discussions were followed by an informal part with refreshments and many stimulating conversations - all in the spirit of a successful networking event.

Monika Linne from C³RDM presented the concept for a new implementation network "GO UNI" under the umbrella of the GO FAIR initiative at the international GO CHANGE workshop in Frankfurt am Main on 19 June. The primary goal is a mutual support for the development and establishment of university-wide structures for a professional research data management.



WissKom2019: Research data - Collect, secure, structure

Dr. Constanze Curdt, Monika Linne (both C3RDM) & Dr. Ania López

Representatives of the UzK (C3RDM and DCH) took part in the 8th WissKom Conference at the Central Library of Forschungszentrum Jülich and seize the opportunity for professional exchange on questions of research data management. The conference programme included topics such as strategies, structures, experiences, training and further education concepts and lessons learned as well as a keynote lecture by Dr. Ania López (project leader LNFDI DH-NRW / UB Duisburg-Essen) on an "FDM utopia".

conference proceedings

C3RDM poster


Joint lecture of ZB MED and C3RDM

Birte Linstädt und Dr. Jens Dierkes, Foto: C3RDM

Birte Lindstädt (ZB MED) and Dr. Jens Dierkes (C3RDM) gave a joint lecture on the challenges of research data management in medicine at the C.A.S.E. lecture series of the Faculty of Medicine.

The  participants were particularly interested in legal questions and the presented tools and services, such as the creation of data management plans with RDMO4Life and the use of Electronic Laboratory Books (ELN).

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The cooperation between the institutional Competence Center C3RDM and the subject-specific Cologne Data Center for the Humanities DCH of the University of Cologne was the topic of a joint lecture at the DINI/nestor workshop "Developing Structures: Organisation and Governance for Local RDM Services" on the 3rd and 4th of April in Siegen.

Patrick Helling (DCH) and Dr. Jens Dierkes (C3RDM) explained the current and future levels of cooperation and the resulting benefits for the establishment of a cross-university FDM expert network.

The C3RDM team presented a poster on the concept of an RDM competence network at the University of Cologne at the E-Science Days in Heidelberg.

The challenges of institutional research data management in this complex socio-technological environment with many different stakeholders were discussed. FDM structures that have evolved over time must be taken into account, expertise should be bundled and sustainable cooperation structures established.

C3RDM was represented with two contributions at this year's Library Congress in Leipzig. On March 18, Dr. Jens Dierkes presented the concept for Interdisciplinary, complex research data management using the example of the University of Cologne in the session on "content curation". Research data management in the humanities at the University of Cologne was the topic of a joint presentation by C3RDM and the Data Center for the Humanities (DCH) represented by Ralf Depping and Prof. Dr. Brigitte Mathiak at a working session of the regional libraries at the dbv on the 19th of March.

At the Research Conference of the Graduate School of Geosciences (GSGS) the C3RDM team presented itself with a poster on research data management, answered questions and welcomed the opportunity for professional exchange.


Survey on the handling of research data at the University of Cologne

The newly founded Cologne Competence Center for Research Data Management (C3RDM) of the University of Cologne is addressing the question of what a future storage infrastructure for research data could look like. In cooperation with the BMBF-funded project UNEKE, the C3RDM therefore conducts a survey on storage practices and storage requirements for research data at the University of Cologne aimed at researchers from all disciplines.

Objective: The aim of the survey is to determine practices, needs, wishes, but also reservations from a scientific point of view regarding the storage of research data at the University of Cologne. Your answer will enable the C3RDM to better plan new services and infrastructures and make them available to you.

The C3RDM team thanks all the participants for their support!


Publication Guidelines of the Univerversity of Cologne

With the publication guidelines issued in October 2018, the University of Cologne is addressing its publishing researchers, including guest researchers and young academics.

As part of a postdoc networking event organized by the Faculty and Academic Staff Development Department, the newly founded Competence Center Research Data Management presents its services for scientists at the University of Cologne.

Dr. Jens Dierkes and Dr. Constanze Curdt publish an article about the feasibility study of the University of Cologne for the establishment of a university-wide systematic research data management (RDM).

Dr. Jens Dierkes and Dr. Constanze Curdt present the case study on research data management at the University of Cologne.


"Research Data in a Nutshell" is the title of the workshop on Doctoral Day at the Albertus Magnus Graduate Center (AMGC). The materials were published by Dr. Constanze Curdt, Dr. Jens Dierkes and Sonja Kloppenburg under the DOI 10.5281/zenodo.1173015.


Beyond USB-Sticks

Dr. Constanze Curdt and Dr. Jens Dierkes publish an article about the university-wide support for the management of research data in the IT-News of the University of Cologne.