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Data Champions Network

C³RDM aims to identify the interdisciplinary and disciplinary needs of researchers, to develop basic services on the basis of these requirements and to communicate them in a way that is appropriate for each target group. Close contact with researchers from all disciplines is an essential prerequisite for this. In order to further expand and strengthen this network, we are striving to establish a cross-faculty network of Data Champions.

What are Data Champions?

Data Champions are volunteers from all disciplines and status groups who agree to exchange information on research data management issues in regular network meetings, collect disciplinary needs and support C³RDM in advising colleagues in their discipline. This is not an official role and does not formally entail any obligations. As local experts in research data management in their respective discipline, Data Champions take on the following tasks:

  • act as multipliers to raise awareness of key research data management services
  • promote good research data management and contribute to compliance with good scientific practice with regard to research data
  • identify and communicate discipline-specific needs
  • promote networking across working groups and disciplines
  •  act as advisors or mentors for researchers in their discipline
  •  raise awareness of the topic of open science

How do Data Champions benefit from networking?

Data Champions...

  • get to know other researchers interested in RDM from different working groups and disciplines.
  • become experts in handling research data, increase their own visibility and become contact persons for colleagues.
  • expand their advisory and communication skills and gain further qualifications for their individual professional development.

What does C³RDM offer?

C³RDM organises information events, offers training opportunities and coordinates network meetings. Together with the Data Champions, we will identify needs, describe best practices and presented results to the community.


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