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Data Champions Netzwerk – Kick Off

On December 9th 2021 C³RDM invited UoC members interested in research data management and networking to participate in the initial workshop of the Data Champions* Network.

The intention of this two hour online-workshopwas to introduce the concept behind the programme and kick-off with a keynotes in two parts: Prof. Dr. Oya Beyan (UzK, Institute for Medical Informatics) and  Dr. Leyla Jael García Castro (ZB MED, Team Leader Semantic Technologies) talked about the opportunities and challenges of Open Science as well as the FAIR principles.

Introduction & Concept

C³RDM and the UoC Data Champions Network - Jens Dierkes and Jasmin Schenk

Mural Board

Keynote on Open Science & FAIR

Part 1 - Why science needs to be FAIR? - Prof. Dr. Oya Beyan (UoC, Institute for Medical Informatics)

Abstract: Open science aims to make research accessible to all, including professionals from different disciplines and citizens. For barrier-free science, we should reshape our scientific culture. And share not only outputs of the scientific research but also methods, tools, and resources. FAIR principles can guide this transformation and enable everyone to participate in knowledge generation for a fair society.

Part 2 - FAIR principles for data and beyond - Dr. Leyla Jael García Castro (ZB MED, Team Leader Semantic Technologies)

Abstract: The FAIR principles were mostly thought with data (i.e., data at datasets) in mind. However, they are meant to be applied to all sorts of digital objects. In this short talk we will introduce some of the key aspects required to implement the FAIR principles for your own research digital objects, in particular structured metadata, permanent identifiers and licenses. We will finish the talk with initiatives for FAIR beyond data.

* What are Data Champions?

Data Champions are volunteers from all disciplines and status groups who agree to exchange information on research data management issues in regular network meetings, collect disciplinary needs and support C³RDM in advising colleagues in their discipline. This is not an official role and does not formally entail any obligations. As local experts in research data management in their respective discipline, Data Champions take on the following tasks:

  • act as multipliers to raise awareness of key research data management services
  • promote good research data management and contribute to compliance with good scientific practice with regard to research data
  • identify and communicate discipline-specific needs
  • promote networking across working groups and disciplines
  •  act as advisors or mentors for researchers in their discipline
  •  raise awareness of the topic of open science

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