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Data Champions Network – Meet-Up 2

The next two-hour DCN meet-up on 8 September 2022 takes up on the results of the first meet-up and offers an introduction to writing a data management plan (DMP). We would also like to discuss with you our plans for upcoming meetings, topics, and possible formats. In particular, we are thinking of activities that are going beyond the regular meet-ups. Participants from all disciplines and status groups are welcome, regardless of whether you have already taken part in a previous event or have just become aware of the network.

The set of slides from the event, including the introduction to data management plans, can be found here.



Welcome & recap


Input: How to write a DMP?


Q & A on DMPs


Coffee break


Input: formats & topics




Wrap up and farewell

* What are Data Champions?

Data Champions are volunteers from all disciplines and status groups who agree to exchange information on research data management issues in regular network meetings, collect disciplinary needs and support C³RDM in advising colleagues in their discipline. This is not an official role and does not formally entail any obligations. As local experts in research data management in their respective discipline, Data Champions take on the following tasks:

  • act as multipliers to raise awareness of key research data management services
  • promote good research data management and contribute to compliance with good scientific practice with regard to research data
  • identify and communicate discipline-specific needs
  • promote networking across working groups and disciplines
  •  act as advisors or mentors for researchers in their discipline
  •  raise awareness of the topic of open science

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